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Our Services

  • The Yacabba Centre provides a range of early interventions support conducted within a counselling approach to assist vulnerable people who are at imminent risk of homelessness, are homeless or who are in crisis.

  • We provide face to face individual counselling for both male and female clients recovering from trauma/violence/abuse suffered anytime during their life, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, relationship breakdown/separation and stress. 

  • Referral to Specialist Housing Services for housing assistance.

  • Provide legal support with a monthly community legal clinic.

  • We can provide Victims Services counselling. 

  • Our counsellors can provide counselling for children individually however we often need to provide strategies for parents and their children to deal with the realities of break up and recovery from domestic violence.

  • We provide a telephone information service for anyone ringing in for information and refer on to the appropriate services in their areas.

  • We have an open door policy for ex clients to return for support when things get a bit overwhelming. They can always come back.

  • Referrals come to the service from many churches, GP's, community groups and agencies - just ring us or email.

  • We provide lots of material aid each year to families in need, all with the assistance of generous local community groups.

  • We can help out with food throughout the year. – supported by Churches and the local community.

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